Vrinda Shangari

Vrinda Shangari

Vrinda Shangari

Vrinda S.K. , An Architect by education, had comfortably built a life through science and logic, until her life ferried her through the gateways of cosmic vision and a whole new vista of consciousness opened up in front of her.
Vrinda is a synonym for Tulsi, An Ancient miracle herb that purifies, heals and rejuvenates, hence the name TULSI GUIDANCE Of her Brand.

After her bachelors in Architecture from MIT Manipal and having worked as an Architect in India & United States of America, Vrinda’s journey began seven years back into consciousness. The fabulous results captured her imagination and she dedicated herself solely to empowering her own knowing. Along with Access Bars,Access Body Processes & Access Facelift She also plays with Switchwords, Bach Flower Remedies, Animal Spirits and Angels.

Apart from being a licensed Access facilitator for ACCESS BARS,FACELIFT & BODY PROCESSES she is trained in DMIA counseling with RIASEC tests.  That is Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis which gives a great insight in the innate intellect. 

Vrinda conducts all sessions & classes at her beautiful healing centre at Mumbai, for one person or a large group likewise. She also travels across the globe to take workshops wherever people are ready to receive. Within the first year of her becoming a licensed facilitator , Not only she created various access classes in Mumbai, Vrinda travelled out of Mumbai too, to conduct Access classes in major cities like Pune, Bangalore & Delhi. A possibility of Conducting Access Facelift and Bars class showed up at Hong Kong too ,for which she enthusiastically travelled Inspite of not being an avid traveller. That’s her Love and commitment towards conciousness creation.

At Tulsi Guidance Healing Center , Vrinda empowers individuals to triumph life-limiting patterns & trust in the universal guidances.The trick is to allow the magic that lies beyond all logic. Like it is said in Access - MIND IS A DANGEROUS THING - WASTE IT.

Vrinda has created an awesome team of various certified Access Practioners at her Centre for Access sessions. The age range Varies from 17 years to 55 years who are economics & psychology students as well as MBBS , MD Doctors respectively.Each member of the team has transformed their own journey Via ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS and are now playing with the tools to create more. Vrinda’s forte lies in the fact that she creates more possibilities for her class participants if they are willing to go further with ACCESS as an income source too.Many of her participants have opened up to possibilities for themselves and are choosing & creating more for themselves. Not only that , with her own huge global connections she has created lots of new additions to the ACCESS NETWORK all over the world just by referrals.

Thus , as an ode to Gary & Dain , Vrinda Says to every class participant  “I was enabled, I Enable ... You will Too”


Vrinda can be reached via Call or Text on for further information:
1) 91 9004900777
2) 91 9004913777
3) tulsiguidance777@gmail.com

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“I was Enabled I Enable You Will Too...”

- Vrinda S K