Being You – The Beginning

Experience an evening that is impossible to describe and that you won’t find anywhere else. This class will give you tangible, practical and dynamic tools that can start changing the things in your life that aren’t working for you.

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During this evening, you will go on a journey into being you, where the fun part of reality really begins!

What if you could talk with your body and ask it to heal? What if every “problem” in your life was just a doorway… an invitation… to a different possibility? What would be possible if you created your future, knowing what is really true for you?

Building on his book Being You, Changing the World, this class is featuring a method Dr. Dain Heer has developed and continues to expand.

He uses the tools of Access Consciousness® in combination with the unique transformational energy process he has developed, also called the Energetic Synthesis of Being.

Dr. Dain will share simple and powerful tools to unlock the subconscious and underlying energies that limit you. Are you ready for a bigger life and a reality worth playing in? Is now the time?

Welcome to a very different beginning!

Would you be willing to know that the world can be the world you always knew should and could be able to be?



2-3 hours




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Welcome to Being You, The Beginning in Brazil!

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Being You, Being Different - The Gift that Never Ends!

Your Time in the World

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Please Note: This class is has changed dates from Aug 2 to August 8th 

Class begins at 7pm on the 8th and ends around 9pm

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